Buildings and civil engineering structures

Design and execution of bearing structures in reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete.

Metal structures and wooden constructions.

Transformation and reinforcement of existing structures.

Construction and rehabilitation of road and rail bridges and tunnels.

Bridges and footbridges

Geotechnics, special works and underground works

Preliminary land survey, geotechnical reports, laboratory and on-site tests.

Design and execution of excavation enclosures, stabilisation of slopes, superficial and deep foundations and ground consolidation.

Monitoring and exploitation of groundwater, re-infiltration of surface waters.

Execution of excavations without trenches, tunnelling and micro-tunnelling equipment. Geothermal energy

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Environment and sustainable development

Protection of groundwater, restoration of rivers and streams.

Environmental impact reports.

Analysis and clean-up of polluted sites, management of earthworks materials.

Management of worksite waste.

Recording, diagnosing and managing asbestos containing materials.

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(FR) Dépollution
Civil engineering and infrastructures

Study and execution of road and motorway works, roundabout and traffic calming measures.

Planning and implementing public transport, trams and tramways.

Dimensioning and installing pipe and service networks, and water retention and treatment works.

External features of real estate projects, under and above ground car parks and pedestrian walkways,

Definition and execution of noise protection and sound proofing claddings

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Environnement et développement durable
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